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I’m Jaime Gómez, PhD candidate in Architecture at UC Berkeley. In this website I will post findings, ideas, comments, etc., emerging from the fieldwork and archival work I am doing this year as part of my dissertation. Shortly, my dissertation explores from a historical perspective the use of domestic space as a tool for acculturation and socialization. More specifically, I’m studying how domestic settings and practices were used in two institutions to teach the values needed to produce ideal citizens for the societies where these institutions were located. The two institutions I’m focusing on are, first, a boarding school in Colombia for indigenous children run by a Catholic order; and, second, a group of boarding schools in the countryside run by the Cuban government. Roughly, the periods I’m covering are the 1960s and 1970s. Please don’t expect polished material in this website as I will be writing on the go. Ideas here are more like initial thoughts that, someday, may become something more substantial (or not).


If you have comments, ideas, etc., please don't hesitate to write them below each post or to send me an email to:  For more information about me and my research, please follow this link.